Ciencias de la Educación

Edición julio agosto 2019

A Teacher-Designed E-Learning Platform with Flip Short Stories for Enhancing Motivation, Composition Writing, and Reflection Upon Personal, Social, School, and Family Real-Life Conflicts

Zuly Tatiana Díaz López This article addresses the way digital sources and technology can contribute to generating not only a learning environment of English as a Foreign Language but also, an opportunity to practice, interact, and reflect on real-life dilemmas to enhance students’ motivation and composition writing. Teachers are asked [...]

ICT and Education

Alejandro González Celia Profesor Facultad Ciencias de la Educación   Information and communication technologies (hereafter ICTs) are increasingly present in everyday life. It is possible to get any object or service without leaving home. Different applications are used to communicate with friends and family and social networks have become platforms [...]


Alejandro González Celia Profesor Facultad Ciencias de la Educación Las tecnologías de la información y comunicación (en adelante TIC) están cada vez más presentes en la vida cotidiana. Es posible conseguir cualquier objeto o servicio sin salir de casa, se usan distintas aplicaciones para comunicarse con amigos y familiares y [...]